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Welcome to High Impact Medicine Berlin! We run talks, fellowships, socials, and more for medical students and junior doctors based in the Berlin region.

Are you ambitious about doing good? Do you care about improving humanity’s future?
Live up to your values and learn how to maximize positive impact in your medical career.
Join us today!

What is High Impact Medicine?

High Impact Medicine is an international project (founded in London/Oxford/Cambridge in 2021) aimed at identifying and tackling the most important problems in the world with medical expertise based on evidence and reasoning. (inspired by the ‘Effective Altruism’ movement)

What does that mean?

There are a lot of problems in this world, but while most appear somewhat equally important, some problems turn out to be much bigger, much more neglected, or much more feasible to solve than others.

In High Impact Medicine, we try to

estimate and compare the importance of different problems based on Scale, Neglectedness, and Tractability (SNT)
– identify the most effective ways to tackle them (in an evidence-based way)
collaboratively build the skills, experience, knowledge, and network needed to most effectively contribute

This way, we aim to maximize our positive impact on society and the world.
For more info on our philosophy, see ‘further readings’ below.

What do we do in Berlin?

Since our founding in 2022, our focus has been to establish and grow a community at Charité centered around the concept of High Impact within university and our later careers.

Currently, we are

– hosting introductory fellowships at the start of every semester: Free 8-week-programs designed at the University of Oxford aimed at providing fundamental knowledge of the Highest Impact problems in medicine and introducing students to the High Impact Medicine Community
 – hosting regular speaker events centered around the highest impact problems within and beyond medicine and the most impactful ways to tackle them
– hosting regular social events such as community coworking, park discussions, bar evenings, and more for our community

Furthermore, several times a year there are opportunities to attend national/international conferences and retreats by High Impact Medicine and Effective Altruism. For example, last year we have been to the international conferences on EA and HI-Med in Oxford, Prague, and San Francisco!

Join the community

How can you participate?

High Impact Medicine is open to all medical students in Berlin who are ambitious about doing good and want to learn more about the best ways to do so.

The best way to get involved is to sign up in this short form to be in the loop and then participate in the next introductory fellowship! (starts every Oct/Nov and Apr/May, you’ll receive an invitation via e-mail)

Interested in HI-Med Berlin? SIGN UP HERE

After that there are a lot of ways to stay involved, for example, you can participate in organizing events, manage research projects or help with operations by joining the Executive Team!

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We hold a number of public events each semester for anyone – whether you have thought about impact in medicine before or not! Check out our Instagram page for info on upcoming socials, talks, and more!
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Further readings

Do you want to learn more and can’t wait for the fellowship to start? We recommend the guides by 80,000 Hours, a non-profit NGO focusing on research and career advice with the goal of maximizing positive impact throughout your career.

Recommended reads on ‘High Impact’:
Why your career choice might be the most important moral decision in your life.
What makes for a high-impact career?

Recommended reads on some of the most ‘High Impact’ fields for medical students:
Reducing global catastrophic biological risks
Biomedical research
Global Health


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